Reaching Our Dreams

SAVE LATIN AMERICA, INC. & the Education Commission presents:

2017-2018 ACADEMIC YEAR New Jersey Program Reaching Our Dreams.

Save Latin America, Inc. (SLA) believes

  • Our children must be properly prepared to step into the future.
  • The primary purpose of our Education Commission is to create positive educational
    experiences for minority students in New Jersey thereby enabling them to
    achieve their maximum academic potential.
  • We achieve our objective by enlisting the help of prominent community leaders, school administrators and most importantly, the parents.

Reaching Our Dreams

The primary purpose of Reaching Our Dreams (ROD) is to improve students’ attitudes towards education while helping to reduce the dropout rate highly prevalent among these traditionally disenfranchised students.

The specific goals of the ROD program are to reach out to disadvantaged children and their families and demonstrate the critical importance of obtaining an education, and staying in school in order that each student may reach his or her full potential.

The ROD program is divided into three areas:

                   1) Role Model Presentations

                   2) Essay Writing Contest

                   3) Parents Take Action (PTA)

Role Model Presentations

  • Through this first part of the program, successfully educated individuals, with backgrounds similar to those of the student, give motivational speeches. These presentations focus primarily on how education has made such a critical and positive difference in the lives of the speakers. By setting examples of their achievements against the odds, the speakers supply inspiration and encouragement.
  • Speakers address issues such as peer pressure, family and community influences as well as the importance of hard work and diligence, motivating students to achieve academic excellence. Students are encouraged to participate by asking questions or commenting on the presentations.
  • All of this helps raise the awareness of the students that they are equally capable of doing so and to help them discover the joys of growth through study and academic achievement.

   Essay Writing Contest

  • Students who attend the Role Model presentations are invited to participate in an Essay Writing Contest. In order to be eligible, students must base their essays on lessons they learned from
    each of the presenters who spoke during their school’s assembly.
  • Experts agree that the first step to achieving success in the business world is to set up a plan of action. The same holds true for our lives.  If we write down our dreams and outline a plan to achieve them, we can be assured a greater measure of  success.
  • The essay criteria require every participant to write about their own dreams and aspiration and outline a plan of action to achieve those dreams.
  • The best essays are chosen from each school and the authors are presented a plaque during an awards dinner while their family, friends and peers cheer them on.
  • During the awards dinner students are recognized for their prowess and parents are simultaneously encouraged to become more involved along with their children, as well as professional educators, in the entire process.

Parents Take Action

  • Parental involvement is a key ingredient in the success of our program.
  • Research shows and education professionals agree that when parents decide to become involved in their children’s education, the child recognizes that he/she matters. This produces greater self-esteem and pride in their work. As a result, academic success is expected.
  • In conjunction with an awards dinner, at which students are recognized for their prowess, plaques are awarded and parents are simultaneously encouraged to become more involved along with their children, as well as professional educators, in the entire process.
  • For this reason, SLA addresses parents through our parental involvement conferences, Parents Take Action (PTA), regarding the importance of participating in the educational process by collaborating with teachers and school administrators.
  • Motivational speakers address the diverse issues that today’s parents face, such as cultural differences, gang violence, teen pregnancy, limited English proficiency, financial struggles, etc.

Reaching Our Dreams is a motivational program which invites prominent community leaders to share their inspirational stories with students. The invitees speak of the personal challenges they’ve overcome that have consequently served as a platform to empower their self esteem.

As an added incentive, students are invited to write an essay based on the speaker’s presentation, detailing the impact or influence it had on their own life. SLA’s education committee selects award-winning essays culminating in an awards dinner with parents, students and educators celebrating education and determination as the keys to personal and professional success.




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