Los Tres Proceres Antillanos

Since conserving Hispanic identity, values, and traditions, is part of SLA’s mission, by resolution of this Board of Directors, “Los Tres Próceres Antillanos” concept was adopted in 1998, to commemorate the birthdates of Eugenio María de Hostos, José Martí and Juan Pablo Duarte.

Three patriarchs… who thought of the Caribbean… as a free and independent region… of… common political destiny. They dreamed about the federation of Antilles.


The mandate requieres that on or near the last Friday of January every year a reception be held and community leaders of Puerto Rican, Cuban, and Dominican origin be presented with “Los Tres Próceres Antillanos” Award.

Men and women representing many fields of endeavor and careers including: diplomatic, politics, science, medicine health care, legal, communications, banking, business, etc. The list is long and it is headed by: The Honorable Senator Robert Menendez, Fashion designer Oscar de La Renta, and University President Dr. Carlos Hernandez.

We are proud to have honored over ninety men and women who emulate Los Tres Patriotas del Caribe.


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