About Us

Who We Are
Save Latin America (SLA) is a New Jersey-based, 501c3 non-profit organization serving as an advocate for the Hispanic community of the Metropolitan areas of Northern NJ and New York City.  Established in 1990, the organization’s goal is to provide educational counseling, health and social services and to offer expanded economic and employment opportunities to the Hispanic community.

To achieve these goals, our efforts include health fairs, voter registration drives and ‘stay in school’ motivational programs amongst an array of other exciting initiatives. The establishment of our Community Resource Center (CRC) in Union City, NJ further solidified SLA as a community anchor institution to the Hispanic population in the area. The CRC is dedicated to providing information and public services such as health screenings, immigration assistance, workshops and counseling. In addition, Save Latin America annually honors successful business, political and cultural leaders of Hispanic descent, citing their achievements and contributions to the community.

Our Mission

It is the mission of Save Latin America (SLA) ‘to create opportunities, awareness and access for the people in our communities.’ SLA currently works to address community needs in the areas of education, economic development, health and wellness; and social services.

Antonio Ibarria. Sr.

Programs & Services

Save Latin America serves the community by operating 9 programs and providing 35 community services to over 150,000 underserved residents of the Metropolitan area. These programs provide access to health care, social services, employment, mentorship for students, immigration assistance and financial literacy education.

All of our programs, services and events are offered in Spanish and English and are culturally tailored for the Hispanic community.

Reaching Our Dreams- Motivational speaker/ mentorship school program

Banking on Financial Literacy-
In collaboration with our bank partners, Financial Literacy Education includes workshops, seminars and counseling services.

Health Programs-
Cancer/Diabetes awareness and outreach; and an assortment of health screening services.

Family Wellness Festivals- Fairs centering on family and Hispanic heritage offering free health screenings and wellness services, music and entertainment, food, and activities for children.

Our Partners
SLA functions as a community organization that develops partnerships and collaborates with other organizations and community leaders to provide essential and impactful direct services to residents and their families. Some of our partners that have invested to make a difference include: